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Posted by Friends of Usambara Society on Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Tree Planting at the Ridges

Placing trees directly on the soil surface and then hilling their root system with the soil from the interrows is a modification of the traditional way of tree planting. In this process, there are ridges formed where trees can grow within the whole cultivation period. This way of planting can provide disadvantageous conditions because of the soil over drying when there is a lack of precipitation,Friends of Usambara Green Team is working hard to restore the mountains nature, we are daily planting trees and so far half of our target of planting 15 million trees achieved, plant with us on

Posted by Friends of Usambara Society on Wednesday, 30 May 2018

How beautiful are the Usambara Mountains in Tanzania? Thanks to your searches, we are restoring biodiverse forests in this part of the world 🌏

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We can’t afford to wait for a powerful person or an honest government to solve all of our environmental problems, each…

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We at Friends of Usamabara are planting a lot of trees, this year we are planting 15 million trees may be 30 million, we…

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It is not a joke to survive in the jungle. Many trees we planted around October 2017 in all the two planting sites are…

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