8 Billion Trees Review: Helping the Friends of Usambara Society Plant Thousands of Trees

8 Billion Trees was formed by Mike Powell and Jon Chambers to help combat deforestation all around the world. Their goal is to plant as many trees as possible to restore habitats, fight climate change, and provide peoples all around the world a way to escape extreme poverty through planting and caring for trees.

Focused on making a difference in Tanzania, 8 Billion Trees partnered with the Friends of Usambara Society almost immediately to begin restoring the Usambara Mountains where severe deforestation has led to habitat destruction, soil erosion, and the disruption of natural water cycles.Through the powerful donations of 8 Billion Trees, the Friends of Usambara Society has already been able to plant tens of thousands of trees where they are desperately needed, while educating the young people of Tanzania on the importance of planting trees.

Together, 8 Billion Trees and the Friends of Usambara Society have been able to make a remarkable difference—and it is only the beginning.

As 8 Billion Trees continues to spread awareness on the effects of deforestation, the Friends of Usambara will be able to plant thousands more trees in the fight against climate change and habitat loss.

8 Billion Trees passes our review with flying colors: they truly are an amazing group focused on making a difference in every way possible

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