We invite you to watch a short documentary on the Friends of Usambara Society Mangrove Project at the Pangani River Basin. Urgent restoration of the Pangani River Basin shore is needed and it would be tough for Friends of Usambara Society to achieve this alone. Kindly join this movement by donating through

The true meaning of life is to plant trees…

Trees are crucial to human survival. Their importance to the carbon cycle is just as critical as the part they play in our survival as a species dependent on them to produce food, clothing, and shelter.

The world’s forests serve several purposes: they filter the air we breathe, mitigate the effects of climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, cool the surrounding land, and provide critical homes for many species of plants and animals.

FoU The Engine that Grow Trees

Nowadays, most people plant trees, but Friends of Usambara Society grows trees. We worked on this project with a local family, and it’s fun to see the results of our efforts. We support both life restoration and the restoration of degraded lands. Today, plant your first tree with us by sending an email to

The Youtubers have something to say about FoU

Replant trees in the mountains of Usambara, particularly affected by deforestation. The Youtubeurs EnjoyPhoenix, Professeur Feuillage, Max Bird, Doc Seven, Fabien Olicard, Ludivine Aubourg, Ferdinand Richter, Ilia Renon, Les Astuces de Margaux, Céline Holynski and Tom Wallop went to talk about this initiative. Our reporter Charles Villa followed them.